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BeMedical  specializes in assimilating new and advanced technologies as well as improving existing therapeutic treatments for the healthcare community.

Our company has the ability to identify advanced and unique technologies or new techniques and approaches that enable better treatment. We leverage our knowledge and expertise in the field to locate the right places where these new technologies or approaches can be implemented in order to help the medical teams improve the medical treatments they provide and as a result enhance the professional solutions provided to the patietns.

BeMedical was founded by Arik Benado, who held key positions in the healthcare industry (e.g Medtronic) and served voluntarily, at the same time, as the chairman of the medical device branch at Manufactory Association of Israel (MAI).

BeMedical has a proven track record in implementing technological innovations and leading dozens of challenging projects in the healthcare industry, that significantly improve the medical treatment methods for the teams , and as a result increase the benefit  of the patients.

BeMedical promotes, distributes and advises diverse companies in the medical industry, ranging from registered technologies to start-up companies in the development stage, that are looking for opportunities to successfully implement ideas in the field.

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